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Deep Guha



Kofuku is another fine addition to the recently re-booming ansal plaza and it was already housefull when I visited on last Sunday afternoon. It's good to see that people are cultivating taste for Japanese cuisine and this place executes all the dishes well.
The sushi here is quite authentic and I loved their wafu steak carpaccio. The hot pot was good but I expected it to be better. They excel at making dumplings and my recommendation would be their crystal spinach corn ones. Tuna salad was excellent and it was made generously, do try their spicy edamame if you fancy them. Okonomiyaki was perfect and looked beautiful. Balinesse curry was delicious and blended well with their kimchi fried rice. Do leave some space for their green tea and mochi ice cream as well.
Service was top notch and I loved their traditional Japanese seating style. Overall a great place, a bit hard on wallet but totally worth it.

Amit Chauhan



Kofuku translates to happiness and that's exactly what I felt once I dined here and I have been a fan ever since.
Everything from the ambience to the food and the pervasive dining experience is authentic. The menu is vast which makes it a struggle to choose from. I absolutely loved the sushi here, so fresh and addictively delicious.
Creamy Prawn Tempura is something I will come back for, oh so crunchy, meaty and creamy. Chilean Sea Bass was excellent, a memorable dish with flavours, that make you salivate every time you think of them. Overall the service was impeccable and the servers had happy faces all throughout which made my dining experience even warmer and most memorable.




I love Japanese food and its hard to find good places serving it. Kofuku is my new found discovery, dishing out some brilliant food. The place has an inviting vibe and the service deserves a special mention. I ate the following -
1. Creamy Shrimp Tempura - One of my favourites from the meal, the shrimps were crunchy in a superb spicy mayo sauce
2.Balinese Curry - A yummy coconut yellow curry with vegetables. Must try!
3.Teppanyaki Fried Rice - Perfect with the Balinese curry
4.California Roll - Very fresh and well crafted, the sushi was brilliant.
5.Mochi Icecream - Another perfectly curated dish, the mocha ice-cream was a good way to wrap a hearty meal.

Prakul Bakshi



f you are craving for Japanese food, Kofuku is the place for you, I had ordered the Sushi Boat that has an assortment of a lot of sushi, had the tempura, the Yaki Tori Chicken and a lot more! The restaurant was packed and the service still was amazing. The desserts could improve . But every thing else was Great!